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Any Help would be greatly apreciated

(cross posted in glamourbombs, randomkindness, kindminds and a_better_place so sorry if you've already seen this)
Hi I'm new...So I had it all set up for me to send random letters to random people filled with quotes, glitter, candies, good luck pennies, paper springs with smily-faces on the ends and so on (and I probably still will do that). But then I started thinking of how much grander it would be if I knew what these people would enjoy getting, needed or wanted the most. So I ask for your help. If you could please send me the names and addresses of everyone that you know who needs a little magic in their lives, who could use some serious cheering up then I would love to send them an anonymous little package of love. You could give me a list of their favorite things (books, candy, color, artists etc.), the reason they need the cheering up or just their name and it could be completely random things. You could either post these things here or email them to me at flyinpurplemunkiez@yahoo.com. Thanks for any help :)...
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